Organization Details

  • Kartavya Karma is a non profit voluntary organisation working in the field of Health & sustainable development since February, 2013. Since its inception, Kartavya Karma has effectively launched & completed several development projects in more than 5 villages and 10 city slums. In principle, we strive for sustainable development through primary health care, Adult Literacy including legal literacy, diversified agriculture, gender empowerment and community participation. Besides implementing various activities directly by the organization, the organization works with a network of NGOs in Uttarakhand & Uttar Pradesh, India.

    Date of Operation: January 2013

    Date of Registration : 5th Feb. 2012

    Legal Status: • Registered Trust under Societies Registration Act, Registered with Ministry of Handicrafts & Textiles and Ministry of Minorities – Income Tax Act Section –12 A & 80 G.

  • Our mission is to establish a worldwide network of extremely motivated and dedicated volunteers who are driven by the zeal to do something worthwhile in life. We are not just looking for missionaries; we want people from all walks of life with a treasure-trove of experiences and abilities. We strive towards creating and establishing sustainable international volunteer resource management programs in partnership with indigenous community initiatives to better serve the humanity. We also aim to project volunteering as possibly fun vocation here the volunteers not only work for the communities; they also enjoy the good things offered by the region they are working in. This way we try to foster a feeling of well-being and happiness and hence, raising the productivity level of our volunteers. In order to bring the volunteers and the beneficiary communities closer, and to have better understanding of various societies, we encourage our volunteers to live amongst the community they are working with and assimilate the cultural, social and economic fundamentals from within. A world without poverty and illiteracy is our mission.

  • Our vision is a world devoid of misery unleashed by poverty and backwardness. We want to see a world where good intentioned individuals come under one umbrella and work for the salvation of the less fortunate ones. We envision this world where there are no economic boundaries and where people can live and prosper with dignity. The world of our vision is not without hardships; all we want is, everybody should get an equal platform to break the vicious circle of poverty and live a life enriched with a state of well-being, love and fulfillment.

  • Our philosophy is to make a difference in the lives of millions of underprivileged people who are extremely capable of living complete lives and contributing to society but lack resources and necessary skills to accomplish that. We want to bridge the gap between the haves and the have-nots in order to create a world where there are less socio-economic disparities and more humane conditions to prosper financially, culturally and intellectually. To achieve this we invite good intentioned volunteers from all over the world who bring in an abundance of talents and a dedication towards doing something meaningful in life. We try to scale the skies of idealism with our feet firmly on the ground realities. We are a completely humanitarian, non-profit, non-government organization driven by a single motive to serve the needy as per the necessity. We neither have religious nor political affiliations, current or future. We also believe that volunteering can be fun. We believe you work better if you feel good from inside. That's why we promote tourism with a purpose, which means that you not only engage in the volunteer work, you also visit places of geographical and historical relevance. In the end, we strive for a culmination where you not only give to the community, you also take something back to cherish forever.

Our Values

  • PhilosophyWe want to spread the philosophy of shared humanity where people readily share their economic and intellectual wealth the less privileged ones. This way we create a world where we all have equal opportunities to fight against the odds and share the burdens brought forth by centuries of exploitation and neglect.

  • Respect is a fundamental right of every living being on this planet. With respect germinates a sense of dignity and the sense of dignity fuels the drive to do better in life. We respect the intrinsic, the inherent characteristics and values of all the communities and we want them to work towards prosperity keeping those characteristics and values intact.

  • Integrity lays the foundation of trust, friendship, professionalism and transparency. We put great stress upon the integrity of our actions to establish long-lasting relationships with our volunteers and the communities they work with. We achieve this by relentlessly re-evaluating ourselves as a coordination team and carry out changes as and when they are required. We have a single-minded purpose of helping you serve the needy communities and remove the hurdles you may encounter in the alien (but non-hostile) environments. Integrity is our driving force.

Strength of Organisation

  • To organize various programs for the overall development of society (viz. education, health, sanitation, social, economic and environmental)

    To make policies and implement them for the overall development of women, child, old and adolescents.

    Encourage sports and physical education.

    To develop youngster’s interest towards moral values like national unity, art, culture, community development, togetherness, leadership, labor and respect.

    Organize programs based on horticulture, water and natural resources.

    To help and empower old, handicapped, widow and destitute people.

    Promote and encourage modern and technical education.

    Encourage and educate food processing industry.

    Help in the eradication of bad practices in the society ( gender bias, child marriage, dowry, child labor, drug intake)

    Work for cultural upgradation.

    Social map preparation by involving local people

    Technical development and promotion of traditional energy resources.

    To aware for continuous development based on local resources.

    To facilitate activities towards education, health awareness, agricultural technicalities and entrepreneurial skill within socio-economically margin communities.

    To spread awareness among women with regards to their socio-economic and political rights while developing skill sets to provide empowerment.

    To train youth about perspectives about social values, social service, self independence while funding for better

    livelihood options by utilizing local resources.

  • Sound-vibrant and dynamic Managing Committee

    Dedicated experienced members and volunteers

    Computer with skilled staff

    Transparent computerized accounting system

    Support of well-wishers like renowned lecturers, doctors, teachers & professionals