Crafteprenuership Program

Crafteprenuership Program

June 1, 201812:00 am - 11:59 pm


Our Livelihoods & Craft Entrepreneurship Program targets women from economically weaker backgrounds and trains them in a craft-based skill. We strongly believe that women are the backbone of society, and if empowered to be financially independent, they can sustain their families and ensure education for their children, improve standards of living, and access better healthcare. As a part of this initiative, women with limited or no knowledge of traditional art/skill 
are trained to pursue languishing art/crafts, and are provided mentorship on forming 
small-medium enterprises, developing products, accessing markets, and therefore increase their household incomes. By working with these women for increasing their household income and building their knowledge, skills and capacities to engage effectively with their communities, and providing them with the necessary opportunities to change themselves and their surroundings, we believe we can create a more peaceful, equal, inclusive and just society. The idea is to make these women change-makers in society, to aid them in developing leadership and entrepreneurial qualities to signify true development of India and in the process, give new life to languishing crafts. Note: We mobilise women communities by ourselves, and ALSO partner with SHGs/NGOs engaged in women’s welfare programs.

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