Kartavya Karma Ngo, A Ngo Consultancy Service Provider hits to the valley of Uttarakhand

Kartavya Karma is a national level Social Network of Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Ngo Consultancy Service Provider, Ngo Consultants, Non Profit Organisations (NPO), Voluntary Organisations and Social Organisations. The members of Kartavya Karma are from all over India.

Presently KARTAVYA KARMA is also providing an online web directory and NGO resources of Indian NGOs. All the NGOs enlisted in the web portal are not recognised and are not members of our network. We are updating the information about the NGOs and we are verifying the recognised NGOs and providing their information on certain terms. The NGO portal is containing information about grassroot level Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Ngo Consultancy Service Provider, Ngo Consultants Non Profit Organizations (NPOs), POs, GOs in India, Funding Agencies, Social activists and concerned stakeholders, Volunteers, Volunteer service organisers, Social issues, NGO Funding Projects, job opportunities in social sector, success stories of individuals as well as organizations, and other relevant information and resources.

What is Trust, Ngo, Society and company ?

Kartavya Karma has been disseminating the online identity by the Web pages of the NGOs to strengthen them and share their experience with other NGOs, groups and persons of society. This identification can help the NGOs as funding agencies, supporters, volunteers to find them out to support the enlisted NGOs. Presence and contact detail of NGOs are useful for the persons who are seeking for support and help from the NGO in their and other related areas for various purposes.

Kartavya Karma is committed to social justice, sustainable development and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels.

Kartavya Karma is committed to the dissemination of information and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of under represented and marginalized sectors of society. For bridging the data gap and improving information availability NGO network is committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the Participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information.

Kartavya Karma is an online resource center for required resource materials, information and all kinds of knowledge-based documents for NGOs. Kartavya Karma provides Ngo Consultancy Service Provider, Ngo Consultants the resource material where NGOs can find various options and opportunities to get useful and authentic information. Along with the resource material, NGOs India provides direct support and help for NGO Registration, NGO Management, to find and get Funding and financial Projects.

Kartavya Karma guides and supports to get funds for all kinds of Social development issues. On the online resource center, NGOs and their associates can find database and information about the funding schemes of Government ministries, Government departments, public sector units, Indian Funding agencies, foreign Funding agencies and support groups.

Kartavya Karma has been promoting and making resource and information collaborations for two decades with the creative and constructive networking among NGOs to develop the effective partnership so they can work to implement their objects to develop and improve the socio-economic status of the society. The Networking is for accessing, sharing and contributing resources, issues, information and to associate with other like-minded NGOs which are working on similar issues or other issues to improve the social development and living with healthy conditions. The Networking is for strengthening of NGOs and social organisations from improving their knowledge, identification about their tasks and programmes by getting and sharing the experience with the NGO partners in their certain relevant sectors.

NGOs Kartavya Karma is dedicated, for a long time from capacity building of grassroot organisations and their activists to get funds and support so they can implement their projects and programmes, the available resources at this single platform can help Charity organisations and groups of people to serve the society in a better way.

Many NGOs exist which do not have funds or do not want funds or want to work with more than their available resources, this is possible through

and support persons.Kartavya Karma has been providing a network of Volunteers and the recognised NGOs who wish to work with Volunteers for social cause.Kartavya Karma has been supporting the recognised NGOs who are transparently working for social changes in the society and the Volunteers associated and working with such good NGOs feel satisfaction to contribute their time and resources in various sectors of the society.

Ngo is registered at Government registering authorities but it is managed, operated and worked by its members and associated persons under and as per the rules, regulations and laws of the Government of that country but independently from government control. NGO is not a part and directly controlled and monitored by Government but works according to the policies of the Government more specifically for development and welfare of society, areas and communities as Governments use to work.

NGO works to improve the policies, enhances the work pattern, improves and implements the welfare and development schemes of Government and causes for human welfare.

Ngo can not be a part of Political party but works as organised civil society, as an organisation to advocate, promote and monitor the political working based on development of society with the human right issues, education, health, environment and other welfare and development causes, aims, objects and issues.

NGO operates, organises, manages, supports and runs programmes, activities, projects and works at local, regional, national and international level according to the requirements and operational capacity of the Ngo Consultancy Service Provider, Ngo Consultants

Orientation based NGO runs, manages, supports, undertakes and implements Natural Resource Management, Empowerment, Social Development, Social Awareness, Political Awareness, Animal Welfare, Economic and Financial Development, Infrastructure Development, Improves and undertakes Livelihood programmes of communities, improves and maintains culture, improves and implements technological and science related tasks and programmes to improves the living of human beings. NGO Works and supports to govern and implement laws, works to create laws and policies for welfare and improvement of human life in mutual concern.

Many people including those of the new generation who wish to work to make social changes and for social welfare want to form and register NGOs so they can work in their relevant fields. Kartavya Karmaprovides useful and authentic information, knowledge base and all kind of resources, options and opportunities for Ngos


NGO Consultancy Service and NGO Consultants

, NGO Support to get Funding and Projects and NGO management.Kartavya Karma provides information regarding the recognised NGO Consultancy and NGO Consultants for NGO Registration service, NGO Funding Services and NGO Consultancy services.

If anyone needs NGO consultancy services for

, funding, fund raising, project writing, project proposals, project formation, annual reports, NGO management, NGO operation and concept writing, you can contact to our recognised NGO Consultants and Consultancy Services. If any NGO needs to get help and information regarding NGO documentation, FCRA Registration process information and other kind of information for NGO formation to work among communities, just contact recognised NGO Consultants for your requirements to get help and support.

You must be clear that just after registration/formation of NGO or only registered NGO with no social work programmes and profile are not eligible to get funding from Government and Funding agencies.

If any recognised NGO need support for fundraising campaigns then recognised consultants team can help you with that and also on how you can start and operate fund raising campaigns. If a team of social activists who are part of an active NGO want to get funds for running their project and process they can get funds, in this regard please contact our recognised NGO Consultancy team.

We provide support and help to raise funds to the deserving and well recognised NGOs. The new NGOs and working NGOs which need financial support from the Government and private funding agencies so they can implement their concepts. Kartavya Karma team and resource centre have been helping and supporting such persons who wish to form NGOs and want economical and other support with he help of projects and other support. At the online resource centre information regarding Funding agencies, Funding Schemes, Funding projects and Funding and other resourceful material regarding running, managing and implementation of concepts of social change by achieving funding and support of Volunteers is available and being updated from time to time.

Non Government Organisation (NGO) is citizen based non profit group works for social welfare and sustainable development. The main aim and objective of any NGO is same as the aim of Government for development of society. Governments have control on resources but the organisations formed and working for the welfare and development do not have resources so they have to arrange and manage resources. NGOs function for without any profit but can work with funds and financial resources in present system. So funding is the basic and main part to run and organise the programmes they use to work or want to work.

So if any NGO wants to work with capacity it needs to get grants from various sources. NGOs get grant from various sources, individual donors, foundations, corporations, and governments. Funding sources for NGO include membership fees, private donations, public donations, grants from local, national and foreign funding agencies, philanthropic foundations, Government funding schemes, sale of products and services and CSR funds from private corporate sector companies. NGO requires funds for operations, salaries and other overhead costs. Fundraising efforts are necessary for existence, operation of programmes and success in the aims of NGO.

Funding Schemes of Central Ministries of Government of India

Funding Schemes Government of India

Funding Schemes of Foreign Funding Agencies

Funding Schemes of Private Funding Agencies

Funding Schemes of State Governments

CSR Funding Schemes

Kartavya Karma recommends its associates, recognised NGO Consultancy service providers for NGO Registration, NGO Funding and other required support.

NGO Consultancy

How to Register NGO

NGO Directory

Add your in NGO Directory

एनजीओ डायररेक्ट्री में अपनी संस्था जोड़ें

Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Non Profit Organisation (NPO) can be registered by many registration process in India like Society, Company, Trust or any valid formation but status of the registered organisation is equal and equally recognised as NGO (Non Governmental Organisation / Non Profit Organisation).

Registration process of NGO under Indian Trust Act, Society Registration Act, Company Registration Act or any other act/ law are different but status of the registered organisation is equal as NGO. There is no difference in the status of NGO to get funding from Central/State Government Departments/ Ministries, Foreign funding agencies, Indian funding agencies, companies for Corporate social responsibility, individuals or any support agencies.

NGO registered through any process/ act can get registered under Income Tax Act, Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) or any kind of registration with any Government requirement. Every registered NGO are not eligible for the registration under various departments’ registration. The NGO must fulfills the registration process and parameters as required by the concerned department or authority. But the basic registration parameters do not matter that by which act the Voluntary Organisation is registered as NGO.

Trust, Society and Company

Kartavya Karma हिंदी

Kartavya Karma have been providing the information and basic profiles of Non Governmental Organisations (

Voluntary Organisations of various states, districts, cities, towns and villages of India. Funding agencies, supports and volunteers use to find out and get the data and information from the Kartavya Karma. You can enlist your NGO to

You can find out the Information, Listing and Profiles of any NGO from the different states, districts, cities, towns and villages from the state wise list of NGOs of India, that are enlisted in the website. The listing of Indian NGOs can be checked here for information purpose. We do not endorse, ensure the accuracy, credibility and reliability of any NGO enlisted in our site. We have been enlisting and providing information of NGOs for last 2 decade to make information dissemination so the the needy persons, change makers, supporters and NGO management can connect, communicate each other and with other NGOs. The main purpose is to create network among social activists, change makers, NGOs and supporters and bring them in connection with each other to communicate and to share the social development and social welfare tasks, projects, activities, events and programmes so they can move ahead in creative direction to achieve their goals and targets. Most of the NGOs has been working for social development by playing as social change maker  agent role so we support and encourage social activists, social workers and their organisations they are running and working for social welfare and charity purpose. Some NGOs enlisted here may not be in working status or may not be in updated status, so if you find and look for the update or any useful information about the enlisted NGOs or about your NGO then you can send message and update information my mailing at: ngosindia(at)yahoo(dot)com or at contact page or at update page.

To promote Information collaborations and Constructive communication between NGOs, to develop effective partnership with each other.

Networking for the access, sharing and dissemination of information collaboration and partnerships between the NGOs themselves and with other organisations.

Networking to strengthen community organisations by boosting knowledge base and ability to share information and experiences with strategic allies and other partners in relevant field.

Capacity building of grassroot level NGOs, social workers through free online resources and information on a single platform.

To serve non-profit organisations, charities, grassroots and community groups, educational and research institutions.

Provide Funding Support and useful information about how to get funding, where to get funding from Government, Funding Agencies, Support Organisation, Corporate Social Responsibility Parameters and other useful resources.

Support NGOs in their fund-raising efforts and activities.

Provide information and resources and guidance to NGOs to run and manage the organisation successfully while following social parameters.

Sharing of ideas among NGOs, change maker catalysts and development agents.

Avail free, easy and instant access to information to NGOs.

Provide more options before Funding Agencies to select the right choice of NGO to support and work with.

Provide information regarding NGO Registration and NGO Consultancy.

Provide Volunteers to NGOs and collaborate between NGOs and Volunteers.

You can find the profiles of NGOs working in different Districts, States and Union Territories in India in various sectors and on various social issues at

Andaman Nicobar NGOs

Andhra Pradesh NGOs

Arunachal Pradesh NGOs

Assam NGOs

Bihar NGOs

Chandigarh NGOs

Chattisgarh NGOs

Dadra Nagar Haveli NGOs

Daman and Diu NGOs

Delhi NGOs, New Delhi NGOs

Goa NGos

Gujarat NGOs

Himachal Pradesh NGOs

Haryana NGOs

Jammu Kashmir NGOs

Jharkhand NGOs

Karnataka NGOs

Kerala NGOs

Lakshyadweep NGOs

Maharashtra NGOs

Mumbai NGOs

Manipur NGOs

Meghalaya NGOs

Mizoram NGOs

Nagaland NGOs

Orrisa NGos, Odisha NGOs

Pondicherry NGOs

Punjab NGOs

Rajasthan NGOs

Sikkim NGOs

Tamilnadu NGOs

Telangana NGOs

Tripura NGOs

Uttar Pradesh NGOs

Uttarakhand NGOs, Nainital NGOs, Haldwani NGOs

West Bengal NGOs, Kolkata NGOs

NGO Registration Methods

Society Name Change Process

Trust Registration

Non Profit Company Registration

How to Start, Form, Register and Run NGO

How to Run NGO?


एनजीओ कैसे शुरू करें, कैसे रजिस्टर करें, कैसे चलाएं


NGO Registration Process

Trust, Society and Non profit Company

Company, Society and Trust

Trust, Society and Non profit Company. (ट्रस्ट, सोसायटी और नॉन प्रॉफिट कम्पनी)</H3

Non Profit Company under Section 8 of Indian Companies Act 2013

Registration of Co-operative Societies

Indian Trust Act, 1882

Trust, Society and Non profit Company.

संस्था रजिस्टर क्यों करवाएं

क्या सरकारी कर्मचारी या अधिकारी एनजीओ के सदस्य फाउन्डर हो सकते है?

Alternatives to Start and Setup Non Profit Organisation (NGO)

How to Register Co-Operative Society

संस्था कैसे रजिस्टर करवाएं

(Non Governmental Organisation / Non Profit Organisation)

How to Register Society : How to Register NGO Under Societies Act

How to Register Trust : How to Register NGO Under Indian Trust Act.

To know more about how to register NGO, NGO Registration, Trust Registration and Society Registration you can Contact Us at

संस्था रजिस्टर करने के लिए संपर्क करें :

NGO Consultancy

NGO Registration

To know more about difference and similarity among NGO (Non Government Organisation) / NPO (Non Profit Organisation) / Trust / Society / Non Profit Company and other registration process you can contact us. If you want to know the

difference between Non Profit Company, Society and Trust

and contact us. If you want to register and recognise State level or National level NGO or International Organisation and want more process of registration and after registration you can discuss with us.

We provide support in registration of NGO and after registration support in setup, manage, run, work and get funding, donation and help for NGOs. You can discuss and contact with us regarding NGO registration from recognised Government Authorities and Registrars.

NGO registration is a initial stage to work and move towards Social Service Sector. After registration of NGO how to keep its status in active condition and how to achieve the targets to complete the Objects for which NGOs are formed, it is main issue many of the persons and groups want to know about. We support real social kind of persons and social groups to setup, run and manage NGO. We do not support the persons who want to form NGO for profit making purpose. NGO is a non profit making organisation and it can be run by the resources and efforts of the members and/or support of the persons, groups, agencies who want to provide and who use to fund and support for needy organisations for social purpose. If some one is thinking that just after registering an NGO he/she or they can get funds then we want to make it clear that it is not easy to get funds. To get funds and another support the groups, organisations and NGOs have to work and prove that they can work as NGO and social organisation; after that they deserve for fund and other kind of support.

Do you want to know that what kind of NGO you have to register? Trust, Society or Company? Which registration is better? To know more just read about NGO and What kind of NGO you have to register at:

What is NGO?

NGO Consultancy

register NGO

एनजीओ सलाहकार सेवा के बारे में हिंदी में यहाँ से जाकारी प्राप्त कर सकते है:->

NGOs of India

Recognised NGOs

CSR Funding Empanelment by National CSR Hub

CSR Funds through Corporate

CSR Policy, Rules, Regulations and Guidelines of Government

Fund Raising

Government Funding

Funding and Grant Schemes


Project Proposal Process

NGO Resources


Project Proposals

Act, Laws and Rules

Societies Registration Act, 1860

Jobs in NGO

How to get a job in an NGO

NGO & Government of India

National Policy of Government on NGO

NGO Partnership Registration

Right To Information – RTI

Funding Agencies

Government Funding Ministries

International Funding Agencies

There many funding options and opportunities for the real NGOs who are already working for Social Development, Social Welfare and on Social issues having remarkable profile to prove that they can run the projects and programmes after getting funds from Government, Funding agencies, Funding partners and People.

We would like to provide you information and knowledge regarding NGO Fund raising, Process to get Projects with Funds, Process to prepare projects, process to implement projects and programmes and process to prepare documents for various projects, activities, programmes and profiles.

If you want to get Fund, Financial Support and Funding Help for your NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) then just passthrough the following points. Just read and know how to get Funds and Financial Help for your NGO.

NGOs are eligible to get grants and financial funding from various funding agencies and Government ministries if the following terns and documents are complete:

Registered Voluntary Societies, Public Charitable Trusts and Non-Profit Companies are eligible to get grants under funding schemes of Government and Private Sector.

1. NGO must registered with proper Constitution and Memorandum of Articles.

2. NGO should be with a properly formed Governing and Executive Body who can manage the organisation with certain powers and duties that are clearly mentioned in the Memorandum.

3. NGO must must not be in such condition that it is running as a organisation in the commercial benefit of any person or group.

4. NGO must be secular and democratic, and it must not discriminate any person or group of persons on grounds of sex, caste, creed, religion or area.

5. NGO can not directly work as a political group or work for the interest of any political party.

6. NGO and its members must be Non-proselytic, they must not promote any religion.

7. NGO must Eschew violence.

8. NGOs have good profile that shows its activities and programmes organised on social social issues and its involvement in supporting needy individuals and its association with voluntary agencies and Social Activist groups.

9. NGO must be able to demonstrate that it can do what it is expecting funds for; it can be proved by the previously performed activities and programmes of NGO to employ creative resources to become visible and build its profile as a reliable and strong.

10. If NGO wants to get funds from private and international grant agencies then NGO has to prove with a track record of successfully implemented projects and budget is administered correctly.

11. How NGO can be applicable to get funds, it has to get experience from other NGOs working in the area with similar aims and goals. The members of NGO have to meet relevant NGO members and discuss on the work and programmes, activities they are doing nad what can be done. Members who are operating and managing Non Profit Social Voluntary Organisation must always keep in mind that other organisations and members of social organisations working in civil society are like minded partners and not competitors like in any kind of for profit business. The collaboration with other NGO is always vital for the future plans and to get projects.

10. The members and operators has to be clear that why NGO is formed and why they want to implement the proposed aims and ideas of the Organisation. Members of NGO have to meet members of other organisations and discuss the ideas for which they have formed the NGO. Take feedback on the ideas and ask them to help you in developing strategies to run the organisation and how to get and ensure financial sustainability. This way the NGO can good ideas to get and raise fund.

12. If NGOs want to prepare proposals for the grant projects they can get help other NGO partners or NGO Consultants to prepare and draft project proposals with suitable grant budget. If the NGO is with a strong profile then it will be easy to approve the project to receive grants.

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