Pushkar Joshi

Born and brought up in a middle class family, in a small town called Jeolikote in a rural part of Nainital. My parents provided me with a great amount of cultural capital before I had even made a choice of my own. I chose social work because I have a passion for working with and helping others. I grew up in a home with generous and loving parents, but as I got older, I realised not everyone was as lucky to have such an experience. I want to provide that for children, families and adults. I want to have a positive impact on someone who needs help and I want to be the one who give them that help. I knew that from that kind of training  I would receive would allow me an opportunity to work with a group of professionals who were committed to social justice, as well as enhance the wellbeing and quality of life of individuals who were impacted by social disadvantages. The training that I received provided me with a knowledge base that carried over, not only throughout my professional career, but also in navigating life experiences as well, over the years.

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